Poker Friends Social Texas Holdem

Poker Friends Social Texas Holdem 2.4.15

Like Words with Friends, Only Poker

Play poker with your friends anytime,anywhere

You might kickass against strangers, but how will you stack up against your mom?

How about your girlfriend, high-school buddies or boss?

Poker Friends puts that question to the test, allowing you to start private tables with pre-selected people.

The app also allows setting a custom turn time limit for each table, enabling continuous play throughout the day (Or, in simple words, each player has 1-3 hours to make his move, so everyone doesn't have to be online at the same time.

Each player in the table gets a notification when it's his turn, and a night mode (10-hour time limit at night) assures players won't lose sleep over losing their turn.

"Poker Friends is Zynga Poker meets Words with Friends", Says Big Blue Parrot CEO Gilad Almog. "It is actually the first app in the world that allows private tables with friends, in the spirit of Poker night with the gang. We're hoping players of all levels will soon be going all in against the people they love, or just love to beat, instead of strangers."

"I play a lot if poker and this has to be the most exciting and easiest to understand - loads of fun"

- Filmfla

Unique features include:

--- Play private, invite-only poker tables

--- Enjoy turn-based or online poker

--- Choose from 3 different game modes: Friends classic, Random opponents or Live Game

---Trash talk your way to victory in our in-game, group chat

--- Always know your hand's strength, outs and potential with the HAND-O-METER!

--- Reveal your cards & share big hands to really get the most out of your wins

--- Create tables with your friends and customize your table's name and time limit

--- Earn free chips by earning badges and achievements, completing tasks or inviting your friends!

--- New: See which of your friends are playing online at all times!

--- many more "Poker with Friends" features you'll love discovering!

So grab a seat and show your friends who's the Ace in the Place,

Because you know what they say - "There's winning a big poker hand, and there's winning a big poker hand and getting to rub it in your best friends' faces".

Yeah, by "they" we mean us.

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Poker Friends Social Texas Holdem


Poker Friends Social Texas Holdem 2.4.15

User reviews about Poker Friends Social Texas Holdem

  • CreativeCriminal

    by CreativeCriminal


    LOL, loved the trash talk part and the whole interaction with my friend. DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOOLS!!.   More.

  • ItamarCohen

    by ItamarCohen

    "Finally, I can play with friends and not random ppl"

    Really cool to be able to create private tables and the turn time limit's a nice touch - been looking for something l...   More.